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40 suspected drug dealers targeted in Brockton warrant sweep – Boston 25 News



In Brockton, police targeted 40 suspected drug dealers in a massive drug warrant sweep Tuesday.

The operation began at 5 a.m., when the Massachusetts State Police STOP Team and Brockton Police approached a suspected drug dealer’s home on Cairn Road.

Massachusetts State Police and Brockton police took no chances, showing up en masse, heavily armed and protected.

Boston 25 News was there as police conducted the early morning operation.

One major reason for the large show of force, a family member recently got out of jail after serving time for firing a weapon at a Brockton Police officer.

“What we’re trying to do is maintain a low profile, as low a profile as we can, to ensure there is no prior warning to the team getting there,” Mass State Police Major Robert Schumaker said as we approached the home in a large column of law enforcement vehicles.

Almost as soon as the police arrived, the situation was over.

The target suspect, and another man, were in the front yard of the house when police approached. They were quickly detained.

Later, police say they found a high-capacity firearm in the house.

“At first, he was a little shocked,” Mass State Police Lt Sean Barry told me about the arrest. “He was on the phone when we walked up to the car. He was surprised.”

“He’s in custody,” Major Schumaker said. “So, as of right now, they’re making sure there’s not another threat inside the house but so far so good.”

Across the city at a Holiday Inn Express were another suspected drug dealer was renting a room, the MSP STOP team with K9 officers just missed their target.

The suspect was not inside, but police say they found a large amount of cash, and another gun.

That suspect, along with a woman, was later arrested when they returned to the hotel.

The opioid epidemic has ravaged the city of Brockton.

A downtown park commemorating service in the United States Civil War is now better known as “Needle Park” because of the large amount of dirty needles littering the grass.

“We have a large drug problem in the city of Brockton especially the Downtown area,” said Brockton Police Detective Ernest Bell. “It’s like an open drug market. And we’re just trying to stamp it out.”

For State and Brockton Police it is a morning of risky and demanding work.

But the hope is that this operation might eventually stem the awful floor of opiates that’s destroying neighborhoods and ruining lives.

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