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“A judge should not be able to overrule CDC guidelines”


On Thursday, Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI) reacted to a federal judge overturning the public transportation mask mandate, a decision the Justice Department plans to appeal.

Dingell argued in an interview with Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria” that “a judge shouldn’t be able to overrule CDC guidelines.” She wondered where the line was drawn for a country to protect “the common good”.

“Look, I think it’s complicated,” Dingell said. “I actually wrote several things about this week because I didn’t know if it was smart that a judge, who frankly hadn’t even been qualified by the ABA due to lack of experience, could turn the public health protocol upside down. And I think we have a problem in this country that people don’t have faith in our public health system, but there are situations where… what’s the common good? What should we do to protect communities?”

“And I believe a judge should not be able to overrule CDC guidelines. I think we made it even more confusing this week in how it was handled. I choose to wear my mask, and yet I suddenly feel peer pressure,” she added. “And I didn’t have COVID because I’m smart and I practiced what the doctors taught. And how not to completely undermine public health?

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