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America’s boardrooms have been bullied by entities like BLM into ‘waking up’: former McDonald’s CEO


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Former McDonald’s CEO Ed Rensi called on corporate America to “wake up” on Friday, saying ‘America Reports’ boardrooms should not get involved in ‘social or political engineering’ .

ED RENSI: Over the past two years, there has been a lot of intimidation. This is the classic fear that our founders had of the tyranny of the minority. I think a lot of our media have been complicit. When you look at Black Lives Matter and its birth during the Floyd murder case and all that, the boardrooms are kind of scared because of those things. And now you have the environmental social work that’s going on, and insurance companies are going to rate companies on how well they study and how they report on it. And they will put companies down if they don’t do a good job. Well, that’s not the job of insurance companies, and it’s certainly not the job of corporations. The responsibility of corporations is to grow their profits for the benefit of shareholders. By doing this correctly, they will elevate all employees. So whether you are brown-skinned, black-skinned, or minority, or gay, whoever you are, you have an equal chance in these public companies to grow, prosper, and build your own career. It should be fairness first. We need to have equality across the workforce.



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