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Another Dry Week – Boston 25 News




Wake-up 50s and 60s felt a little Fall-like because of the low humidity this morning. Go ahead and open up the windows in the house and car to get that fresh air circulating!

It will run partly sunny today with some increasing clouds from east to west. The beaches will reach the mid to upper 70s this afternoon. Inland towns and cities will make it to the low and mid 80s.

Temperatures will drop Tuesday and Wednesday as we maintain an onshore breeze. A storm system will pass offshore from New England and supply plenty of clouds during this stretch. There may be some rain too, but the extent is still uncertain. It looks like most of it will miss the region with the best chance for some wet weather along the coast and Cape Tuesday night or Wednesday.


Temperatures will rise again late week with mid to upper 80s Friday and this weekend. Although it will get a little sticky, humidity doesn’t look too bad. Dry weather will continue into the first half of the weekend. We’re monitoring the chance for some Sunday rain.


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