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Austin’s Best Renters Insurance for April 2022


Did you know that most of our readers prefer working with Lemonade for their tenant insurance needs?

Ready to explore renters insurance options in Austin? You’re not alone – the renters insurance market in Austin has 475,200 renters.

We’ve gathered all the information you need to make an informed decision. Read on for your guide to the best renters insurance in Austin.

Quick Look: The Best Insurance for Renters in Austin

  • Ideal for a smooth and 100% digital registration: Lemonade
  • Best for Pier Properties: The Pier

Austin’s Best Renters Insurance

It’s time to do a little comparison now that you know what tenant insurance entails. Check out our top picks.

1. Lemonade

Did you know that most of our readers prefer working with Lemonade for their tenant insurance needs?

Touted as “powered by technology and driven by social good,” this company donates leftover funds from your insurance pool to a charity of your choice.

Lemonade offers quick online quotes and relatively affordable prices.

Lemonade’s emphasis on transparency and automated claims process makes it a simple and straightforward choice.

Get protection now

Lemonade offers quick and easy coverage through its transparent application and claims process. Get personal property and liability protection with Lemonade Renters Insurance.

get a quote

securely through the Lemonade website

Best for

Ideal for a smooth and 100% digital registration

Exam in 1 minute

Lemonade Insurance Company is a new player in renters insurance. It’s become a popular choice because it uses technology to simplify buying insurance and paying claims.

You can get the full Lemonade experience using its mobile app or website. To purchase a font, Lemonade walks you through a short and easy app. When applying, you can determine your deductible and adjust it for areas requiring greater coverage. For example, if you have expensive electronics, you might want to increase your coverage above the default to ensure you can replace them if the worst-case scenario occurs.

Another feature that sets Lemonade apart is its Giveback program. When you get a lemonade policy, you choose a nonprofit organization to support. There are many charities to choose from, including the American Red Cross, UNICEF, Teach For America, ACLU, and The Trevor Project. Out of the premiums you pay each month, Lemonade pays its expenses and pays claims. Any remaining bonuses are donated to the charity of your choice. Lemonade donated over $2 million in 2021 through its Giveback program.

Lemonade is great for those who are comfortable communicating and filing complaints through the app or website. If you have any questions about Lemonade, you can contact us through the app or by clicking the “Help” button at the bottom of the website, emailing them directly at [email protected]or by calling them.

Lemonade is also not available in all states. Its tenant insurance is available in Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin.

Learn more about Lemonade renters insurance in this review.

Best for

  • Tenants who want a simple application process
  • Tenants comfortable with using apps
  • Renters who want to support charities through the companies they work with

  • Easy application that you can complete using the app
  • Quick and hassle-free claims process
  • Support charities
The inconvenients

  • Not available in all states

2. Pier

Jetty “brings” the city to life and has built its offerings with city dwellers in mind. Jetty offers affordable renter insurance that protects everything you own and follows you when you travel. Jetty tailors each plan to each customer using algorithms and data. You can choose to accessorize your plan to make it more personalized. Jetty is new to the insurance scene, but has strong ties to the National Specialty Insurance Company, which received an A rating from AM Best.

Jetty customers also get discounts on select brands – Casper mattresses, Blue Apron meal delivery, Snowe home essentials and Laurel & Wolf online interior design. No agents, no paperwork. Jetty provides the tenant insurance you need quickly and hassle-free.

Exam in 1 minute

Jetty takes a unique approach to Tenant insurance. To purchase a Jetty policy, you must rent from a Jetty partner property. If you rent in one of these properties, you can access Jetty Renters Insurance.

Pier Renters Insurance covers your basic needs. It includes personal property and civil liability insurance. Jetty also offers Power-Ups, which is its name for riders you can add to your base policy.

If you’re renting in a property that’s partnered with Jetty, getting a quote is easy. You get a link from your leasing agent, then go online. You can get a quote and request a policy on the Jetty website in minutes.

Jetty handles complaints internally with a dedicated team. Although it is a new company, it has partnered with insurance companies that have been in business for years: State National Insurance Company and National Specialty Insurance Company.

Jetty is ideal for tenants moving into a property in partnership with Jetty who prefer an online insurance experience.

In addition to Tenant insurance, Jetty also offers Jetty Deposit, which replaces a traditional cash deposit with a one-time refundable fee or a low, non-refundable monthly payment. This makes moving into a new apartment more affordable. To use Jetty Deposit, you agree not to damage the apartment beyond normal wear and tear. If you cause excessive damage and you do not pay for it, Jetty may recover the cost from you.

Learn more about Jetty in this review.

Best for

  • Tenants moving to a Jetty partner property
  • Renters who prefer an online insurance experience

  • Offers a range of endorsements
  • Easy application process
The inconvenients

  • Only available at Jetty partner properties
  • Not available in all states

Austin Renters Insurance: An Overview

According to city data, available rental properties break down along the following lines:

  • Single-family, multi-family or owner-occupied duplex rentals
  • Single family rentals or duplexes not occupied by the owner
  • Non-Owner Occupied Multi-Family Rentals

The 2018 RentCafe report found that 51.3% of Austin residents are renters.

Average Annual Austin Renters Insurance Premiums

Benzinga reported that the average annual renter’s insurance premium in Texas was about $268, or $22 per month. Overall, you can expect renters insurance to cost between $15 and $20 per month in Austin. It’s cheaper than most of the rest of the state because it’s less prone to hurricanes.

You may be able to save money with discounts such as:

  • Security devices: Save money by installing a hard-wired fire alarm or security system.
  • Without complaint: If you haven’t filed a claim for several years, you may qualify for a discount.
  • Automatic payment: Many companies give you a 5% cashback if you sign up for automatic withdrawals from a credit card or bank account.
  • Multi-font: Purchasing more than one type of insurance from the same insurer may earn you a discount.

Renters Insurance Coverage Explained

According to the Insurance Information Institute, renters insurance breaks down into 3 different types of protection. Tenant insurance covers:

  • Personal possessions, which includes clothing, furniture or digital devices. These are protected against disasters such as vandalism, explosion, theft, lightning or fire. Floods and earthquakes must be protected by additional insurance. Be sure to take a detailed home inventory listing your possessions and their estimated value.
  • Public liability protects against legal action for material or bodily damage and damage to pets. This covers damage to other people’s property, not your own. Liability also covers legal costs and its limits generally start at around $100,000, although some experts recommend purchasing at least $300,000 of protection. A more expensive but more comprehensive alternative is an umbrella or excess liability plan, which offers $1 million for $200 to $350 in premiums per year.
  • Additional living expenses can also be covered. These policies fill the gap to pay for living expenses during a disaster or emergency, including temporary rentals, hotel bills, restaurant meals, or other costs associated with rebuilding your home. home.

Don’t get vulnerable in Austin

Most landlords require tenants to carry tenant insurance, and the right policy can prove invaluable if a disaster strips you of your belongings or your home. Remember that many landlords require tenants to carry tenant insurance.

Get some competitive quotes today so you can protect your belongings with Austin’s best renters insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does tenant insurance protect my belongings?


Does tenant insurance protect my belongings?


Eric Huffman


Yes, renters insurance is designed to protect everything you own and provide cover for temporary accommodation etc.

Answer link



Does my landlord have no insurance?


Does my landlord have no insurance?


Eric Huffman


Your landlord has insurance, but his insurance protects the building and his business.

Answer link



Lemonade offers quick and easy coverage through its transparent application and claims process. Get personal property and liability protection with Lemonade Renters Insurance.

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