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Bade Acche Lagte Hain Season 2, 22nd April 2022, Written Episode Update: Priya Wants To Go Shopping With Ram


Bade Acche Lagte Hain Season 2, 22nd April 2022, Written Episode Update: Priya Wants To Go Shopping With Ram: The episode starts with Priya as she is comforting Nandini while Nandini says that she is mature and takes things wisely but there are a few things that have deep cuts, talking about the present, not the past? Nandini gets up and says why are they talking about the past. Ram asks her to calm down and adds that he will take her to the room. Neeraj and Maitri come there and feels something is wrong. Maitri says maybe they have come at the wrong time, they should go now. Priya agrees, but Ram stops them and asks what’s the matter. Follow More Update On AVDuke News

Neeraj says to him that he came because Ram’s private investigator wants his bank history as well as his dad’s. Shubham comes and asks what is going on? Are we going bankrupt? Ram says no, it’s just he feels that they have missed some things in his dad’s accident case so now, he wants to dig in. Shivi says it was an accident, right? Ram says no, they think that it was a murder.  Shubham asks why he didn’t tell them about the same. He says because they are his step-siblings that’s why he hides that.

Ram gets emotional and asks when he treated him like that. Priya says how can they say that. Shubham says that people say right that sister-in-law break bonds. Nandini scolds Shubham for his behavior. Ram says to Ram and Shivi that they are like his children, he cares for them a lot. He adds that if they don’t want him to open the case, he won’t open it. Shivi cries and says sorry adding tomorrow is her special day and she wants everything to be perfect and happy. Ram nods and hugs her.

Later, Neeraj informs Mahender that his work is done. Priya cries thinking that Ram’s siblings always make him feel like stepbrothers and made him emotional. Now, Ram will not open the case. She thinks why they don’t see his love for them. She decides to talk to them. She gets her mother’s call and tells her everything. Meera stops her from going to Ram’s siblings and makes her understand family values. She agrees with her.

The next day, Ram gets ready and Priya chooses a dress for him. She gets Krish’s call and Ram gets jealous. She pretends like Krish got some clues but won’t tell Ram about it, as he is closing the case. Ram listens to it. At the party, Ram and Shubham dance, and Priya makes Shubham and Shivi realize their mistake. Watch the full episode of “Bade Acche Lagte Hain Season 2” on Sony TV at 8 pm.

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