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Biden to send more weapons to Ukraine to fight Russia and take in refugees


Willem Marx:

For the 120,000 residents of Mariupol now behind Russian lines, little is left standing. Russian state television today broadcast footage of a hospital being dug in from the inside. The wards, they say, no longer accept the living, but the morgue still accepts the city’s dead.

Satellite images released today show what appears to be a new mass grave just 20 miles west of the city. A senior US defense official has confirmed that Mariupol is still not fully under Russian control.

But Moscow’s forces continue to advance south from Izyum in the Donbass region, while others are expected to head north from Crimea. Today the US pledged an additional $800 million in weapons for the Donbass fight, including howitzers, unmanned drones and thousands of rounds.

As Mr Biden announced the new package, he appeared to be addressing his Russian counterpart, President Putin.


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