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Blue and Green Lines suffer service disruptions one week before Orange Line shutdown – Boston 25 News



Blue and Green Lines suffer service disruptions one week before Orange Line shutdown

BOSTON — People were forced to walk from a Green Line tunnel after power problems stranded three trains each with about a hundred passengers on board.

“Like what are we even paying for the system for? I bought a monthly pass and it doesn’t even count for anything now,” said Harrison Garcia a Green Line passenger.

The MBTA says no one was injured but service between Kenmore Station and Government Center was halted. Shuttle buses were taking people instead.

[ Power problems at Kenmore create commuter headache ]

“I feel like it’s very frustrating it seems like every time there is always something with the MBTA,” said Norman Zeng a Green Line rider.

Passengers tweeting out: “Is literally any part of the T running right now?”

And “Hey we’re stuck om the tunnel on one of the trains. How long it’s gonna take to get us out?”

The MBTA says everyone did get out OK, but this is happening a week before the Orange Line is set to shut down for a month, and that’s not all.

A Boston 25 viewer sent video showing a large piece of fiberglass on the Blue Line platform at the Suffolk Downs T station. The MBTA says a train became disabled but it’s unclear why and riders were furious.

[ MBTA Blue Line disrupted Friday afternoon following piece of metal that fell ]

“It just seem like constant chaos. They can’t get it together with any one system for more than a few weeks at a time,” said Scott Vayo a Blue Line passenger.

At the height of rush-hour shuttle buses were called in to provide service between Orient Heights and Wonderland – passengers were not pleased.

“It’s kind of frightening that if the orange line is also going to shut down this week and now that this came up who knows,” said Sho Housm a Blue Line Passenger.

Both Blue and Green line service was restored within two, to three hours of each incident.

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