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Britons told to prepare for a ‘really awful’ winter – RT Business News


Up to four in ten people in Britain could fall into energy poverty when the price cap rises again in October, the country’s energy company chiefs have told Britain’s parliament, The Guardian reported this week. According to the publication, they have called for more government support for vulnerable households who are facing a “really awful” Winter.

E.ON UK chief executive Michael Lewis said between 30% and 40% of Britons could fall into energy poverty from October, when the sector regulator is expected to impose the annual fuel limit. prices.

“We expect a severe impact on customers’ ability to pay,” Lewis told MPs, adding that he expected customer debts to rise by 50% to £800m ($1.04bn).

The E.ON chief’s concerns were echoed by ScottishPower CEO Keith Anderson, who said the company had received 8,000 calls from customers concerned about their ability to pay.

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He said he was “massively concerned” for people facing growing bills who “really, really bad” and called for the introduction of a deficit fund or social tariff for vulnerable customers. The fund would take £1,000 ($1,305) from the bills of the country’s poorest people in October and the government or consumers would then pay that back over 10 years, Anderson suggested.

“Come in October, it’s going to get awful, really awful” he said. “It’s now reached a stage where its size and scale is beyond what I can handle, beyond what I think this industry can handle. I think there needs to be a massive change, a significant change in the policy and the government’s approach to it.

EDF Energy chief executive Simone Rossi also reported a 40% increase in calls from customers worried about their debt.

The average tariff for dual-fuel households has risen from £1,278 ($1,668) to £1,971 ($2,573) after the energy regulator lifted the price cap on bills earlier this month- this. Some experts expect the price cap to reach £2,600 ($3,394) in October.

Energy prices have risen globally over the past six months, but the West’s economic war with Moscow has exacerbated the problem. The UK has joined the US and the EU in imposing several rounds of sanctions against Russia, one of Europe’s main energy suppliers. Western countries have pledged to end all Russian coal imports by the end of this year, followed by a ban on oil and natural gas imports in coming years.

Gas prices in particular have surged in recent months in the UK, prompting almost all household energy suppliers to raise their tariffs to the maximum allowable level. However, some consumer groups have accused suppliers of raising prices more than necessary, to strengthen their own balance sheets at the expense of customers.

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