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Who Is Chelsea Lazkani From ‘Selling Sunset’? Age, Husband, Biography, Instagram, and, more!


Who Is Chelsea Lazkani From ‘Selling Sunset’? Age, Husband, Biography, Instagram, and, more!: Hey entertainment readers we are once again back with amazing details of a power couple, who is pulling the attention of an audience. Chelsea Lazkani stole the show on the 5th season of Selling Sunset with her no-nonsense attitude and dramatic outfits. Not only this but she even won over several of the ladies, in the spite of her close ties to the least beloved agent of the cast named Christine Quinn. After selling a big home, Chelsea bagged her seat at The Oppenheim Group, but she actually already knew Jason Oppenheim through her spouse named Jeff Lazkani. Follow More Update On AVDuke News

Who Is Chelsea Lazkani From ‘Selling Sunset’?

The show gave admirers some information on Jeff, but who is this man who almost bought the house of Kanye West? In this blog, we are sharing everything which our readers are keen to know about Jeff the husband of Chelsea from Selling Sunset Season 5. Watchers first heard about Jeff when Chelsea met Jason and stated something no one wants to hear when meeting an apparently new person: “Do you remember me?” After an instant reminder, Jason did, in fact, recall her meeting Chelsea when he sold Jeff a home 5 years back.

Unlike her castmate Emma Hernan, Chelsea discovered the Los Angeles dating scene to be a breath she met Jeff on a dating application almost instantly after she moved to Los Angeles, and they pretty fastly got wedded and had 2 children. Back in the coffee shop, prior to Chelsea making her move on The Oppenheim Group, Jason informed the tale of Jeffy attempting to purchase the house of Kanye West even when it still had massive portraits of the rapper hanging on the walls.

Selling Sunset Chelsea Lazkani Husband

Jeff has served for the same firm, Icon Media Direct, his whole career- 16 years which Nancy, his mother, discovered in the year 2000. Like any good niche firm, its website is tough to comprehend if you are not in the business of media purchasing or Television advertisement. The firm essentially gathers data on audiences for both cable television and streaming to make sure that marketers or brands strategically place their advertisements.

The Family Of Jeff Lazkani

Watchers got to watch Jeff be a doting father and supportive spouse this season- he motivated Chelsea to go after what she wanted and beheaded her up for good measure all while playing with their son. He might have learned this from his mother, who has shared in magazine interviews and on LinkedIn that she brought up Jeff as a singer mother and served really tough to impart good life lessons to Jeff.

Netflix’s Selling Sunset is one of the most popular and most-watched reality television series at this time. Recently, the show has been renewed with its 5th season on Netflix. The fans have been enjoying the episodes currently. It has been gaining a good response from the viewers. Season 5 of the show consists of 10 episodes that were released on the platform on 22 April 2022. The latest season of Selling Sunset started with a new cast member who is Chelsea Lazkani. After watching the series, it has been noticed that the new cast member becomes fast friends with Christine Quinn. In this section, we have brought some essential details about Chelsea Lazkani and her friendship with Christine Quinn.

Chelsea Lazkani Biography

Chelsea Lazkani is a British-Nigerian realtor who comes into the Selling world in the full trailer, as seen in the trailer of the show. She made her entry at the Selling Sunset with 5 years of luxury real estate experience. Now, she is ready to bring some changes and make quick friends with Christine Quinn. Chelsea Lazkani, who is the mother of two and a former corporate worker is not scared to speak her mind to the other ladies of the Oppenheim Group.

She was raised in London and completed her studies in economics at the University of Birmingham in England as an undergrad. As per the Oppenheim Group profile, her mother serves as a corporate executive, inspiring Lazkani in “what could be possible for her own life.” Her father is an architect and developer so she is learning about real estate since her childhood. Ahead of getting into real estate, she served as a business strategist and solar analyst with companies in the oil and gas industry.

Chelsea Lazkani Instagram

Lazkani even has gained a master’s degree in Internation Oil and Gas Management at the University of Dundee in Scotland. She worked in real estate since 2017 and got her license in the same year and joined Rodeo Realty Inc. in LA. As per her LinkedIn, she worked at Rodeo Realty for 3 years. She joined Oppenheim in July 2021. She is married to Jeff Lazkani since 2017. The couple is the parents of the two children- Maddox and Melia. Her husband is a managing partner at Icon Media Direct, a marketing and advertising company. Actually, he introduced Lazkani to Jason Oppenheim at the time she was getting began in real estate. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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