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CNN+ “doomed because of the timing of the merger”


CNN host Brian Stelter claimed on “Reliable Sources” on Sunday that the failure to make CNN+ a viable streaming service was due to the Warner Bros. merger. Discovery of the new owner.

Stelter said: “What a hectic week for major media companies with CNN, Netflix, Disney and Twitter all spinning non-stop in sight. At CNN, the new owner decided to shut down the CNN+ streaming service less than a month after it was launched by the former management team. The turnaround made headlines, amazing news and painful news for everyone involved. Years of development maybe in the water. Some of the shows may never be seen. Hundreds of employees could be laid off, although the company is trying to place many of them in new jobs. Amidst these killer headlines, people are trying to make sense of it. Some supporters believe in predictable talking points about politics, but the truth is that this was a business decision. This CNN+ service was doomed due to the timing of the merger and conflicting strategies. The new owner intends to comply with multiple streaming platforms to make it a big challenger for Netflix.

He added, “It’s hard to understand as a CNN employee who is worried about my colleagues being fired – that it was just corporate strategy, but that’s what it was. .”

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