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CNN+ shutdown after less than a month: report


That’s it for the all-new CNN+ streaming service, which launched less than a month ago on March 29, according to a report from Variety.

Shortly after the Discovery and WarnerMedia merger cast doubt on the future of the struggling service, it looks like CNN’s digital release won’t be long for this world. This follows the long-in-development service struggling to find an audience, which reportedly has less than 10,000 paying users per day.

The news would be officially announced to staff later today, although there is currently no news on what will happen to content on the service. Previously it was reported that content from CNN+, which does not include live streams from CNN, could either be packaged or folded into the ever-growing HBO Max streaming service, which is also owned by Warner Brothers Discovery. . Given that HBO Max is strong on movies, fiction series and reality shows, but a bit lighter on hard news type documentaries, it seems like this could be a smart move for the company then. that it continues to restructure its approach to both streaming content in general, and CNN in particular.

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