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FDA Already Has a $6 Billion Budget, Formula Shortage Isn’t ‘About the Money’


FDA Already Has a $6 Billion Budget, Formula Shortage Isn't 'About the Money'

During Thursday’s broadcast of Fox News’ “special report,” Senate Minority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) argued that the FDA, which already has a budget of $6 billions of dollars, did not fail to manage the shortage of formulas because they did not have enough money, they failed because of “incompetence” within the bureaucracy.

McConnell said [relevant remarks begin around 5:40] that the Biden administration’s response has been “almost total incompetence. They misjudged this from the start. It’s not a question of money. The FDA has a budget of $6 billion. They could certainly deal with the so-called House vote that they just passed at $28 million. Bureaucratic incompetence, the administration was lagging behind. The FDA needed to step up their game and hopefully we will fix this very soon.

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