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Francisco Lindor tells how he met his wife Katia Reguero


When he wasn’t sliding in home plate, he was sliding in his DMs.

Mets star shortstop Francisco Lindor – who married Katia Reguero in December after a year-long engagement – first hit out at his wife through social media.

“I messaged her on Instagram. Her picture came up and I was like, ‘This girl is gorgeous!’” Lindor, 28, known as Mr. Smile, said with his trademark smile during from an exclusive interview with The Post in his locker at the Mets clubhouse ahead of his April 30 gnome bobble day at Citi Field.

“We talked for three months and then I met her in Arizona because I was there for spring training,” he added. “We just hung out and I was like, ‘I think that’s her. At first I was kind of like, ‘Ahh, I don’t really want to commit,’ but I knew that was the one.”

Lindor married Katia Reguero in December after a year-long engagement.

Reguero, 28, from Puerto Rico, balances her new husband’s athletic side with music. She’s an experienced violinist, Lindor said.

“She doesn’t do it like she used to do four to five hours a day…we have the baby now, but she still does two hours whenever she has time,” he said. he declares.

And if their one-year-old daughter, Kalina, wants to follow in her father’s footsteps, Lindor is all for it.

“If she wants to play softball, I’ll be there. I would give him my advice, but someone else would probably teach him,” he said.

The family recently moved to Manhattan, after Lindor signed a 10-year, $341 million contract with the Mets in 2021.

When asked about the best and worst parts of living in New York, Lindor – who named Rincon Criollo in Corona one of his favorite restaurants in the Big Apple – said, “The best is the convenience anything, anytime you can get something to eat.”

“The worst thing about living in New York is that if you’re stuck in traffic, you’re stuck in traffic for a while.”

The gnome bobble will be given to the first 25,000 fans at Citi Field when the Mets play the Phillies.

Lindor poses with his wife and daughter in the field.
Lindor's bobble dwarf.
Lindor’s bobble dwarf.
Jason Szenes for NY Post

“They showed it to me. Somehow they still managed to make me look like me,” he said.

“It’s always cool when you get a figurine. It’s a piece of art that fans take home…and my family will enjoy it,” he added.

He already knows where he’s going to sit – in a sentimental spot in his mother’s Florida home.

“My mother has a memory room in her house. That’s where everything usually goes, whether it’s trophies, bobbleheads, photos,” he said.

Besides being immortalized in resin, there’s another way Lindor wants to be remembered.

“As a winner. I just want to win,” he said.

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