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‘Glitter is Litter’ UNA launches campaign to stop littering


FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) – The University of North Alabama (UNA) and other college campuses are finding themselves with confetti and glitter, two objects commonly used in photographs to celebrate graduations and proms.

Plastic glitter and confetti are not biodegradable and can often have negative impacts on the environment and on campuses. Michelle Eubanks, director of media and public relations at UNA, told News 19 that the university’s “Glitter is Litter” campaign is there to raise awareness of the issue.

“We respectfully ask people to use other means to celebrate,” Eubanks said. “Some paper products are biodegradable, and there are other things you can do to benefit our campus.”

Eubanks later added that the UNA fountain, which is one of the most prominent landmarks on campus, had previously been clogged with confetti and other debris.

“There were times when we had to turn off the fountain and do major repairs, and then we found all this plastic confetti,” Eubanks said.


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