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Global accusations of genocide rage as bloody scenes mount in Ukraine


Simon Ostrovsky:

About a mile away, next to a still unfinished cathedral, Ukrainian investigators continue to painstakingly exhume the mass burial site created by locals, who did what they could to recover bodies from the streets while the Russians were still there.

Each is bagged before being taken to the morgue for identification and establishment of the cause of death. Nearly 120 were temporarily buried here.

The mayor of Bucha said that one in five citizens who remained in the city died during the Russian occupation of the city.

Ruslan Kravchenko is Bucha’s chief prosecutor. He told “NewsHour” that investigators here want to establish the names of specific soldiers who were behind the killings and find out who gave the order to target civilians.

Bucha Prosecution Team Leader Ruslan Kravchenko (via translator): Evidence shows that people were shot simply because they were local residents and Ukrainians. The Russian military didn’t care if they spoke Russian or Ukrainian.

Russian troops and an armored personnel carrier shot down a vehicle with a mother and her two children, aged 4 and 11, as they tried to escape. The car caught fire. And the mother and her two children were burned. The evidence we have collected so far confirms war crimes. And we’re gathering evidence that points to genocide. But, for the moment, I can say with confidence that the Russian troops specifically located in Bucha were simply killing local residents.


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