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Here is One Chicago-Area County considered medium risk for COVID transmission – NBC Chicago


Even though COVID-19 cases have increased across Illinois, most of the state, as well as the Chicago area, remains at low risk for COVID transmission.

However, some counties have been listed in the medium-risk category based on rising metrics including the rate of COVID cases, new admissions, and staffed inpatient beds used by COVID-19 patients. 19 confirmed.

Almost all of the Chicago area remains in the clear, with the exception of DuPage County, which is listed as a medium community level. On Friday, DuPage County reported 205.65 cases per 100,000 people, 4.3 new COVID-19 admissions per 100,000, and 1.4% of staffed inpatient beds used by patients with confirmed COVID.

In these average-risk counties, people at high risk for severe illness from COVID should consult with their doctor about whether they should wear a mask or take other precautions, according to the CDC.

Masks are not required in mid- or high-level community counties. On Friday, three other counties, Champaign, McLean and Piatt, were in the middle category.

No county in Illinois would experience high transmission.

Counties that achieve a high community level are urged to reinstate mask wearing for all individuals indoors, regardless of immunization status, and to consider avoiding non-essential indoor activities.

In places where community transmission is low, residents are encouraged to keep up to date with COVID vaccines and boosters and to maintain improved ventilation in indoor spaces when possible.

NBC Chicago

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