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“He’s slowing down, he can’t really get past his defender anymore”


Hall of Famer Tracy McGrady thinks the Philadelphia 76ers may have lost their trade to the Brooklyn Nets despite receiving a former MVP. Ben Simmons didn’t play any games for the Nets, but McGrady appeared on “Club Shay Shay,” saying:

“I think Brooklyn won this trade. I think Joel (Embiid) was in such a grove, and this team was in such a grove. Yes, James Harden is a dynamic scorer and playmaker, there’s no doubt about that, but it seems to me he’s slowing down. He can no longer really pass in front of his defender.

James Harden got off to a good start but has since slowed, while Ben Simmons has yet to play for the Nets.

Prior to the Harden trade, Joel Embiid was playing at the MVP level. Even though his game didn’t decline much, it seemed like the timing was off between him and Harden. Rebuilding the chemistry in such a short time has been difficult.

Both Embiid and Harden need the ball in their hands, but haven’t had enough time to figure out how to mesh comfortably.

What is the Philadelphia 76ers plan with James Harden?

The Philadelphia 76ers dropped a huge package for Harden, sending Seth Curry, Andre Drummond, Simmons and a number of draft picks to the Nets. A big reason the Nets were looking to move Harden was that he had declined his player option, allowing him to explore his options in free agency.

Since the trade, Harden has said he will take his $47 million option for next season and seek to sign a long-term extension with the 76ers.

Daryl Morey, the former president of basketball operations and general manager of the Houston Rockets, now holds the same position with the 76ers. Given their previous relationship, Harden is likely to get the contract he wants.

James Harden with the Sixers First 4 games: Since: 27 PPG 20 PPG59 FG% 36 FG%50 3P% 30 3P% He has as many turnovers as field goals in his last 5 games.

A lot of people, like McGrady, think that could end up being a mistake. Outside of Harden’s first four games with them, his other 17 have been disappointing. He averaged 19.7 points, 10.1 assists and seven rebounds per game, on 36% from the field and 29% on three.

The Philadelphia 76ers will have a decision to make this offseason that will be very costly and not as safe of a bet as they initially thought.

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