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How Did Pasha Lee Die? What Was His Cause Of Death?


As per report, Ukrainian actor Pasha Lee died at the age of 33 in one of the Russian bombings in Ukraine.

Ukrainian actor Pasha Lee, known for his voice work in the dubbed versions of The Lion King and The Hobbit, died at the age of 33 in one of the Russian bombings in Ukraine.
Before the Russian invasion of Ukrainian territory that began on February 24, the actor decided to enlist in the Territorial Defense Forces of his country and had shared photos on Instagram in a military uniform.

“During the last 48 hours there was an opportunity to sit down and take a photo of how they are bombing us, and we are smiling because we will manage,” he said three days ago on his social networks, where he also called for unity in the midst of this warlike conflict.

Now the Odesa International Film Festival has reported the news of his death, which took place after Russian troops shelled the city of Irpin, west of Kyiv, on March 6.

“Pasha Lee was a well-known Ukrainian film and dubbing actor, singer, and composer. He acted in the Koleso theater, starred in films and commercials. Among his works in the cinema are the films Shtolnya (2006) and Shadows of ancestors impolgotten (2013) by Lyubomyr Levytsky, Zvychayna sprava by Valentyn Vasyanovych (2012), The Fight Rules by Oleksey Shaparev (2016), Reunion of classmates by Valentyn Shpakov (2019) and others”, the Festival communicated on Facebook.

“We call on the world community to help Ukraine in the fight against Russia and stop the war. We urge them to close the sky airspace over Ukraine immediately and continue to boycott Russian cinema,” they added.

For her part, the executive director of the Odessa International Film Festival, Anna Machuh, said in a statement that “people of culture should do what they do best: culture, not war.”
“Pasha Lee is a true hero,” he said. “From the very first days, he defended the country from him. His death at the hands of the Russian occupiers is a great loss for the entire Ukrainian film industry. We will never recover and we will never forget his talent,” he assured.

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