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I will fight against “Chinese theft of our manufacturing base”


Republican U.S. Senate candidate in Ohio, JD Vance, told Breitbart News’ Matt Boyle that he is the candidate who will fight “Chinese theft of our manufacturing base.”


Vance, who recently received an endorsement from former President Donald Trump in the race, opened the interview by talking about Trump’s upcoming rally in Ohio on Saturday night, where Vance is scheduled to speak.

“We’re going to have a great time. I’m sure you’ve been to these rallies before, Matt, but it’s still kind of like a rock concert for the Patriots.

Vance, who admitted he felt down about the country after President Joe Biden’s inauguration in January 2021, said Trump’s rallies are “a good reminder to reinvigorate and get back to fighting.”

Boyle mentioned that Ohio is the “loop of the rust belt” and explained how the state was teeming with factories but then outsourced manufacturing jobs to Mexico due to the Free Trade Agreement North American (NAFTA). He noted that Trump’s replacement of NAFTA with the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) was not considered possible until 2016.

A closed factory is shown in downtown East Liverpool, Ohio October 24, 2016. Ohio became a key battleground state in the 2016 presidential election, with both candidates or their surrogates making weekly visits to Buckeye State. (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Vance said Trump was able to carry Ohio with flying colors in the 2016 election, even though the state voted for former President Barack Obama in 2012, because Trump ran on foreign policy, trade and immigration.

Vance spoke about these issues. “I would add foreign policy, foreign policy, trade and immigration. These are the three issues on which Trump has inflamed the country. Those are also the three issues where people in the Republican establishment stabbed him in the back.

“That’s one of the messages from my campaign – we need to stop sending people to Washington who speak well of the president or our constituents, but when it comes to the real agenda, clearly they have no value. So they end up stabbing people in the back. That’s what’s different about my campaign.

Boyle then brought up Josh Mandel, one of Vance’s opponents in the Ohio Republican Senate primary, who is backed by the Club for Growth, which is an organization that opposes the imposition of tariffs on China.

“You have focused on this issue and you support President Trump on this; you keep supporting him,” Boyle told Vance. “I think it comes down to critical moments like this. That’s why President Trump chose you. That’s why he endorsed you over anyone else in this race.

Vance called out Mandel for not opposing the “Chinese theft of our manufacturing base.”

“The ‘Club for Chinese Growth,’ which is very anti-tariff, invested about $12 million in the state of Ohio to attack me and support Josh Mandel. And the problem is, Josh is a nice guy. I’m not going to sit here and criticize him, but we just have a difference of opinion on the trade issue. He’s been, his whole career, a critic of tariffs, he’s been a critic of everything which could fight Chinese theft of our manufacturing base.

“I am the candidate who says we are going to fight against this stuff. It really is that simple. And you can see where the dollars are coming from,” Vance said. “I get dollars from America First people and America First supporters. And the other guy gets support from the “Club for Chinese Growth”.

Josh Mandel (Tony Dejak/AP)

“That’s really the big difference in this race. It was one of the – I’m so sick of Republicans doing nothing for their constituents, constantly listening to donors about what needs to be done,” Vance added.

Boyle then mentioned a recently released ad in which Vance attacks the media for calling Americans who support a wall on our southern border “racists”.

“I’m so sick of every time I’ve talked about the border, being accused of being racist or xenophobic, when the reason I care about the southern border is because I don’t want to live in a community that has a ton of sex trafficking. And I don’t want to live in a community that’s overflowing with drugs,” Vance said.

“The media just can’t avoid taking the bait on this stuff. They’re so dumb and they’re so dishonest that they can’t help but turn every problem in this country into racism or sexism” Vance continued, “I think about it every time we talk about an important issue in this country. They can find a way to put it back on racism.”

Vance added that a majority of Latino and black voters likely agree with the GOP’s message on border security.

“This border issue is the most important thing, Matt. Seventy percent of Latinos probably agree with hardline conservatives on this issue. I wouldn’t be surprised if a majority of black voters were d agree with us on this issue. This is a winning issue, as long as we are not cowards and they accuse us of being racist, which silences us, which destroys our ability to win on this issue and, more importantly, to actually govern on this issue and secure the border.

“We live with a left wing in this country that is more dangerous than anything we have seen, I think, in the history of American politics, and we are not going to defeat them by being bullied or running and running. tucking our tail every time they call us a bad name,” Vance concluded.

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