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IMPACT Wrestling star Bhupinder Gujjar to represent India


IMPACT Wrestling star Bhupinder Gujjar is in the midst of a dream run. Since returning to the company, he’s been on a tear, going through one opponent after another.

The young Indian who traveled halfway around the world with a dream is certainly living it. At the same time, he takes great pride in representing his country on such a big stage.

Speaking to Sportskeeda Wrestling, Gujjar explained what the idea of ​​representing India means to him:

“It is important I believe because if you want to be unique you have to represent where you are from. And I am proud to be Indian. I have always wanted to represent my country in any sport. But I wanted to be a professional wrestler so it feels good when they take my name and take my country name Bhupinder Gujjar from India It makes me happy that at least they take my country name,” said Gujar. [9:22-10:00]

The IMPACT Wrestling star may no longer be based in his native country, but he’s proud to carry the banner around the world:

“It’s on people’s TV screens and I represent my culture. So I don’t think I can do this stuff in another sport, but I do it here, which makes me proud. I love my country. . I don’t live here. But I’m happy every time I get the chance to represent my country.” [10:01-10:38]

Check out the full conversation by clicking below:

IMPACT wrestling star Bhupinder Gujjar shares tips for those who want to follow in his footsteps

There are countless young men and women in India who, just like Bhupinder, want to pursue their professional wrestling dreams. For them, Gujjar has valuable advice:

“So to my fellow wrestlers who are trying to make it in this profession, keep going man. It’s gonna take a few years but you can get there. If you want it, you get it. So keep going, respect your parents and stay positive,” added Gujjar. [16:26-16:50]

To catch this dynamic IMPACT Wrestling superstar, Indian fans can tune in to the show on Eurosport. As he informs Sportskeeda elsewhere in the interview, his best is yet to come.

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