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Jake Paul must make Michael Bisping a ‘big offer’ for a boxing match


Michael Bisping recently answered Jake Paul’s call for a boxing match.

During a recent live session on his YouTube channel, Bisping interacted with his fans during a Q&A session. One brought up the recent incident of Jake Paul calling Bisping for a boxing match.

In response, the UFC Hall of Famer revealed he was open to fighting “The Problem Child” if Paul could make Bisping “a big offer.”

The 43-year-old Briton said:

“I had this commission, didn’t I? From Alberta, Canada, to reach out…they said they would order the fight. So, I could do it, if they wanted to. So Jake, your move, mate. Make me a big fat offer.”

You can check out Michael Bisping’s response to the Jake Paul caption in the video below:

Daniel Cormier shares his opinion on Jake Paul calling out Michael Bisping

Former two-division champion Daniel Cormier doesn’t seem too impressed with Jake Paul’s decision to fight Bisping. Cormier thinks “The Count” is too old for Paul to handle.

Expressing his displeasure with ‘The Problem Child”s decision to call out the former middleweight champion, the UFC commentator said:

“You want to fight Michael Bisping? Retired for four years with all the injuries and issues he’s had. You want to fight a former champion, you want to fight an older guy so you think there’s maybe no- be no risk. Bisping is finally one that is his size so Jake is actually going to fight or wants to fight someone his size. He called me I’m taller than him but I don’t know if that has already been a real thing. But with Bisping, he’s actually his size.”

Instead of fighting Bisping, Cormier suggested that Paul look for a match against Anderson Silva.

You are still a young man in the prime of life. You want an older guy to fight? Hey, there’s a former UFC champ who does exactly what you do. His name is Anderson Silva. You should be fighting him, Jake. He’s the one you should call.”

You can watch Daniel Cormier discuss the Paul vs. Bisping fight below:

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