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Who was Joan Ita Bergin? NZ 58-year-old Women Dies After Lemsip Overdose


Who was Joan Ita Bergin? NZ 58-year-old Women Dies After Lemsip Overdose: Sometimes our small negligence puts our life in big danger or sometimes costs a life. One such mother lost her life due to her negligence. As per the report, a mother from the United Kingdom passed away from liver failure after accidentally overdosing on the common medication Lemsip she was taking to get over a cough or cold. Lemsip, broadly available in Australia, is a medicinal drink sachet, the sachet contains paracetamol among other things to get relieve the symptoms of flu and cold. Follow More Update On AVDuke News

Lemsip Overdose Death

The 58 years old, Joan Ita Bergin had a normal cough and bad chest for around a week in the month of December of last year and had been consuming Lemsip sachets in order to manage the symptoms. Matthew the son of 58 years old called an ambulance on Christmas Day after the condition of his mother had deteriorated, and she was taken to the Royal Preston Hospital in Lancashire in the northwest of England.

Who was Joan Ita Bergin?

Mrs Bergin, from Lostock Hall just south of Preston, had started vomiting coffee-colored bile and tests disclosed that she had “significantly elevated” liver enzymes and low oxygen levels. She was apparently transferred to the intensive care unit (ICU) but she worsened and was diagnosed with liver failure. Liver specialists at the Leeds General Infirmary in Yorkshire were consulted and advised that no additional treatment choices are available.

Joan Ita Bergin Death By Lemsip Overdose 

The health condition of Mrs Bergin continued to deteriorate and she passed away on the 7th of January of this year. The inquiry at Preston Coroner’s Court heard that Mrs Bergin was consuming a sachet of Lemsip every 4 hours but also informed doctors that she had taken more than the recommended amount of paracetamol at times. The suggested maximum dose of Lemsip is 1 sachet, containing 1,000mg of paracetamol, every 4 to 6 hours.

On behalf of her son, Assistant Coroner Kate Bisset stated: “He says his mother was in good health normally but she rarely ate much, 1 full meal per week, and otherwise she would snack on things such as marmalade on toast. “She drank plenty of water but had on occasions fainted due to lack of food.” Patrick Horgan, the consultant stated in a statement that Mrs Bergin had notably elevated liver enzymes and was diagnosed with a liver wound due to an unintentional paracetamol overdose.

She was given Parvolex which is an antidote to paracetamol overdose, but she continued to have episodes of vomiting blood. On 4th January, Dr Liam Morris observed worsening liver enzymes and diagnosed Mrs Bergin with acute liver failure. She passed away 3 days later.

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