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Lawn chair flies out of van and into soldier’s windshield



No one was injured in the incident, but police have a word of warning.

This screen from a Vermont State Police dashcam video shows an unsecured lawn chair flying into the windshield of a cruiser as it traveled along a highway of Burlington.

Tie your things.

That’s the message Vermont State Police issued after dash cam video captured an unsecured lawn chair flying into the windshield of a cruiser as it taxied. along a Burlington highway.

On Friday, state police released the startling video, which showed a dark pickup truck driving down the highway in front of the cruiser, which was allegedly driven by Trooper Dylan LaMere. After a few moments, the truck changes lanes and a folding lawn chair flies off the back of the truck bed and heads straight for the cruiser’s windshield.

“Yesterday, an unsecured chair flew out of the back of a pickup truck on I-89 in South Burlington and slammed into a VSP cruiser,” police said. tweeted. ” Fortunately, nobody was hurt. The driver of the van was ticketed for an unsecured load. Remember: vehicle loads must be properly secured at all times! »

The video shows the long beige chair twirling through the air before cracking the cop’s windshield as the cruiser slowed.

Police also shared the video on their Facebook account, where they garnered around 200 comments within hours.

“Very happy there were no injuries to the soldier. I wish drivers knew the laws better,” one Facebook user said. “Be careful on the roads.”


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