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{Live Update} Ankita Jharkhand Dumka – Ankita Case – Justice For Ankita – ‘Save me papa’ Ankita Last Words – Dumka Latest News Updates



{Live Update} Ankita Jharkhand Dumka – Ankita Case – Justice For Ankita – ‘Save me papa’ Ankita Last Words – Dumka Latest News Updates: Ankita was burnt to death by her neighbor Shahrukh, for rejecting his love proposal. To know more about Ankita’s case, follow us throughout the article.


We are going to provide you with the information about Ankita’s case. The incident happened in Dumka Jharkhand. The incident happened on the 23rd of August 2022. Ankita is a girl of 17 years who is studying in 12th standard. She was burnt to death by a neighbour named Shahrukh. She was hospitalized for days after which she surrendered to death. Her last words were ‘Save me, papa’. The case investigation is progressing. This is a very horrific incident. To know all the information regarding Ankita kumari’s case, follow us throughout the article. In this article, we will provide you with information about what really happened on the 23rd of August, what the ministers are saying regarding, the background of the case, the investigation status, and much other information.

Some of the important information regarding Ankita Case Dumka – Dumka Latest News Updates::

Incident Ankita Case Dumka
Happened in 23rd of August 2022
Place Dunka, Jharkhand
Accused Shahrukh Hussain
Age of Ankita 17
Investigation status Progressing
Compensation offered by CM 10lakhs
Article {Live Update} Ankita Jharkhand Dumka – Ankita Case – Justice For Ankita – ‘Save me papa’ Ankita Last Words – Dumka Latest News Updates:
Reason Rejecting of Proposal
Surrendered to death on 28th of August


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अंकिता केस दुमका- दुमका नवीनतम समाचार अपडेट:

इस लेख में हम आपको अंकिता की मौत के मामले की जानकारी देने जा रहे हैं। वह 17 साल की लड़की है। उसकी हत्या उसके पड़ोसी शाहरुख ने की थी। वह जलकर मर गई। 23 अगस्त को उनके घर में पेट्रोल से हमला किया गया था। शाहरुख ने अंकिता के घर की खिड़की तोड़ दी और उनके कमरे में घुस गए। इसके बाद उसने उस पर पेट्रोल डालकर उसे जला दिया। वह बुरी तरह जल चुकी थी और उसका शरीर 90 प्रतिशत जल चुका था। वह अस्पताल में भर्ती थी। 28 अगस्त को उनका निधन हो गया। मामला आगे बढ़ रहा है। सीएम ने अंकिता के माता-पिता को 10 लाख के मुआवजे की पेशकश की। आरोपी पुलिस हिरासत में हैं।

Who was Ankita – Ankita Case Dumka – Justice for ankita:

Ankita was a 17-year-old girl. She was studying in class 12th. She was a student in the Government girl’s senior secondary school in Dumka. She was really passionate. Her aim was to become a teacher. She was really very ambitious regarding her future and her passion. But all her dreams got shattered, as she was burnt to death by a neighbor Shahrukh, for rejecting the love proposal.

What really happened on 23rd August – Ankita Case 2022:

Due to one-sided love, Shahrukh killed Ankita on the 23rd of August 2022. He executed a plan for the same. At Ankita’s house at 4 a.m. on the 23rd of August as per his plans. He broke the window of Ankita’s house and entered her home when she was sleeping. He poured petrol on Ankita which he brought in a bottle with himself. He then used a matchstick to burn her. Shahrukh fled away as soon as Ankita’s family members ended into the room. Ankita was badly burnt. She was hospitalized for 5 days, after which she surrendered to death. Her last words were ‘Save me, papa’. This is very horrific news for all of us.

The arrest of Shahrukh- ANKITA KUMARI CASE :

After being caught in Police custody, the videos of Shakrukh have been out. In those videos, Shakrukkh was seen smiling without any remorse. The videos show, that he was not at all feeling guilty for what he have done. The investigation is progressing.


Shahrukh was threatening Ankita to fall into his love proposal, which she rejected. Shakhrkh called Ankita on the 21st of August to threaten her to fall in love or less the result will be dangerous, which she ignored. She informed her father. On the 23rd, he planned and executed the murder of Ankita.

What the Ministers have to say on Ankita Case- Justice for Ankita:

The chief minister has announced a compensation of 10 lakhs to the Ankita family. The State health minister said that he is really very sad and embarrassed over this incident. He said that he couldn’t save the sister but they tried their best to save her. The health minister also said that he would have hit the accused with 10 shoes if he is not under any constitutional post.

Investigation status in Ankita Jharkhand Dumka Live Updates :

Huge protests and rights going on in Jharkhand for getting justice for Ankita. Naaem Alias Chottu Khan was presented in court and is now sent to jail. He was the one who brought petrol for Shakhrukh to kill Ankita. The case is progressing.


When did the incident happen?

The incident happened on the 23rd of August 2022.

When did Ankita surrender to death?

Ankita surrendered to death on the 28th of August.

What is the status of the investigation?

The investigation is progressing.


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