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Michigan Senator Mallory McMorrow explains why she resisted a culture war attack


State Senator Mallory McMorrow:

It’s – it’s taking that language from the QAnon conspiracies.

It started in the darker corners of the internet, this idea that the government is run by a satanist cabal of pedophiles. And we saw what happened, when a gunman opened fire on a pizza place in DC, believing there were pedophiles trapping children in the basement, based on that lie .

But now this conspiracy is out in the open. And it’s being used by one of the two major political parties in our country as the official policy, the official offense, the — and we have to stop it.

So why me specifically, yeah, I’m one of the people who left the talk, but, also, I’m not particularly shy about expressing my opinions on these things. I host a livestream every week. And I explained why I had abandoned the summoning.

So I think that was a signal to anyone like me who dares to stand with the marginalized community: we’re going to paint you as one of them. You are no longer one of us. You are one of them. You are something dark and dirty and evil. And we have to take back our identities.


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