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Mike Tyson explains why he punched a man on a plane


Mike Tyson was involved in a violent altercation with another passenger on a plane on Wednesday night, and the former heavyweight champion says the flurry of punches came in response to verbal and physical harassment.

Video footage obtained by TMZ shows Tyson repeatedly punching a man who was sitting behind him during a JetBlue fight that was to fly from Florida to San Francisco. A witness told TMZ that Tyson was initially cordial with the man and his friend and took a selfie with them. Tyson eventually became annoyed with the man and unleashed several tedders.

Tyson got off the plane minutes after the incident. The man received medical treatment and then turned himself in to police, but it is unclear whether charges will be brought.

Representatives for Tyson told TMZ on Thursday that the man Tyson punched was extremely drunk and would not leave the 55-year-old alone. Tyson also says the man threw a water bottle at him.

“Unfortunately, Mr. Tyson had an incident on a flight with an aggressive passenger who began harassing him and threw a bottle of water at him while he was seated in his seat,” a representative for Tyson said.

Tyson is expected to make a public appearance at a marijuana event in Miami on Thursday night, according to TMZ. He was originally scheduled to appear at the event with wrestling legend Ric Flair around noon EST, but event organizers said Tyson had to cancel “due to a flight change.”

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