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New evidence and defense details emerge in Orsolya Gaal murder case


New details emerged in the heinous murder of Queens mother Orsolya Gaal on Friday – from how cops cleverly gathered key evidence to the steps her attorney took to tackle the case.

On Tuesday, three days after police said David Bonola, 44, massacred Gaal at his Forest Hills home, NYPD detectives pulled a pair of bloody brown boots from a sanitation truck after he drove away from the suspect’s home, according to law enforcement sources and witnesses on Friday.

“It was in the afternoon. … The cops came and stopped the truck,” said Harry Maraj, a construction worker who witnessed the moment while sitting in the Tropical Jade Roti Express on Liberty Avenue.

“They took bags out of the truck and opened them,” he said.

“They took a white bag from a truck and a pair of brown boots. The boots were not in any bag. They put everything in big brown paper bags and left.

Law enforcement sources say they already had Bonola on their radar after learning he had worked at Gaal and had an intimate relationship with her. They were watching his house and waiting for his trash to be picked up so they could look for clues, sources said. It’s unclear why detectives waited for the truck to leave the house to grab the shoes.

Authorities show the knife allegedly used by David Bonola to stab Orsolya Gaal to death.
Matthew McDermott
Authorities discovered that David Bonola had a close relationship with Orsolya Gaal.
Facebook/Orsolya Gaal

The bloody boots, which Bonola allegedly wore while stabbing Gaal nearly 60 times, have been tested for DNA and are a crucial part of the case investigators are building against him, sources said.

Meanwhile, the Queens Defenders, a nonprofit that provides free representation to Bonola, have hired a private detective who was seen knocking on doors near Gaal’s home on Friday afternoon.

The private eye, which has been hired by public defenders as part of the J&L investigations, declined to comment when approached by The Post, but was heard asking neighbors if they knew how to get in in contact with Gaal’s family.

Metropolitan Avenue and Forest Park in Queens, a body was found on the sidewalk.  April 16, 2022.
NYPD detectives discovered bloodied boots that belonged to suspect David Bonola, sources and witnesses said.
Kevin C. Downs

At one point, a bartender at the Forest Hills Station House, where Gaal had had a drink alone just before she was murdered, stopped by the family to check on it.

The PI spoke briefly with the bartender.

Bonola, a Mexican national and citizen who was living in the country illegally, was arrested Wednesday night and charged with murder, criminal tampering and criminal possession of a weapon.

The home of Orsolya Gaal whose body was found chopped up in a suitcase near Metropolitan Avenue and Forest Park near Jackie Robinson Parkway in Forest Hills, Queens.
Orsolya Gaal’s home in Forest Hills, Queens.
Kevin C. Downs

He was held without bail during his arraignment Thursday night in Queens Criminal Court.

Additional reporting by Kevin Downs

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