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New Hampshire couple found shot dead in wooded area


Djeswende Reid, 66, and Stephen Reid, 67, had been shot multiple times, according to Deputy Chief Medical Examiner Mitchell Weinberg.

They had left their apartment to go for a walk around 2:22 p.m. Monday, and their family and friends did not see or hear from them afterward, authorities said.

Concord Police are asking people to report suspicious behavior and share any surveillance video from the area.

Residents are also encouraged to be “vigilant and take normal precautions in their daily lives,” according to a statement from the state attorney general’s office.

“It’s a very peaceful neighborhood and they’re talking about murder,” resident Doug Ponusky told affiliate WFXT.

“It just seems random. That’s the scariest part,” Ron Biavaschi told the station. “You have a freak on the loose, you know.”


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