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News Wrap: Dow tumbles marking worst day since 2020


Amna Nawaz:

Meanwhile, environmental activists around the world marked Earth Day by taking to the streets, from anti-fracking protests in Colombia and oil protests in London, to a student climate march in San Francisco.

Philadelphia lifted its indoor mask mandate, just four days after becoming the first major city to reimpose it. Health officials initially thought indoor masking was necessary to prevent another wave of COVID-19 infections. But they called it off after seeing what they said was an unexpected drop in hospitalizations and cases since the mandate was reinstated.

Cheryl Bettigole, Commissioner, Philadelphia Department of Public Health: I think most Philadelphians understood that there was a mask mandate and why. And I think that’s what was seen in the data.

If people hadn’t realized that, I don’t think we would see Philadelphia’s data trending in the direction it’s trending, given that it’s different from the surrounding areas.


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