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News Wrap: Moderna seeks FDA approval for its Covid vaccine for children under 6


Judy Woodruff:

The Moderna vaccine has been shown to be 40-50% effective in preventing infections in young children, but more effective in preventing serious illnesses. This is about the same as in vaccinated, but unboosted adults.

New research concludes that a warming planet could help thousands of new viruses spread over the next 50 years. Scientists at Georgetown University in Washington, DC, have studied 3,000 species of mammals. They reported that animals can migrate and carry new diseases with them as temperatures rise. The results appear in the journal “Nature”.

There were Holocaust Remembrance Day celebrations around the world today in memory of the six million Jews and others murdered by the Nazis. In Poland, President Andrzej Duda joined survivors and others at Auschwitz, where more than a million people were killed. He took the opportunity to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


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