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Who Is Nohema Graber? And What Has Happened To Her?


The murder case of a school teacher Nohema Grabe is making rounds on social media for bad reasons. The teacher killed none other than her own two students, who were minors.
The teenagers have been charged with the murder of their Spanish teacher. Both men were teenagers at the time of the heinous crime, but the jury decided to charge them as adults.

They will face first-degree murder charges for the death of Nohema Graber. District Judge Shawn rejected the plea to transfer the case to juvenile court.

“If two boys who are shown to have committed this act are adjudicated in the juvenile court system … and the consequence for those considerations and acts is 18 months of incarceration in the juvenile system and then release without supervision, if that’s what the punishment and rehabilitation and programming is for such a heinous act, it will be open season on teachers in this country,”

During Miller’s trial date, the judge stated that the juvenile court system was busy renovating him “for a crime of such magnitude.”

While reviewing the case files, the judge discovered that their crime was heinous.

They were mature enough to commit crimes like murdering a respected person who was also their teacher.

Nohema Graber

What has happened?

They were spying on their teacher when she went for her morning jog in the park. They pursued her and attacked her in the head with a hard wooden bat. She collapsed to the ground and died as a result of blood loss.

The boys wanted to conceal the evidence of their crime, so they hid her body under a tarp.

When she did not return home, her phone was not in service. The police launched an immediate investigation, and her body was discovered eventually the same day in the park. According to the officials, she had ‘inflicted trauma to the head,’ according to the officials.

“An act like this is unspeakable, and we are torn that one of our education family is a victim to such a senseless act. Every day, educators work tirelessly to protect the students in their care. With full hearts and deep commitment, educators have been the backbone of our state and our nation during this unprecedented time. We cannot understand this, or any violence aimed at such guardians,”

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