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Orsolya Gaal let David Bonola into her home before repeatedly asking him to leave


Queens mother Orsolya Gaal willingly let her former handyman lover into her home early on Saturday morning before he stabbed her to death following a heated argument in which he ignored several requests to leave, prosecutors said at the suspect’s arraignment Thursday night.

It was also revealed on Thursday evening that accused killer David Bonola, 44, allegedly slit Gaal’s throat amid the unthinkable explosion that left the married mother of two with more than 50 stab wounds, according to a statement release from the Queens District Attorney.

“The accused and the victim knew each other. The defendant attended the victim’s home between midnight and 4 a.m. … to engage him in a verbal argument,” Assistant District Attorney Josh Garland told the court during Bonola’s arraignment.

“Because she knew him, she let him into the house. He then engaged her in a verbal argument and unfortunately she had to ask him to leave several times.

But Bonola “refused to leave and the incident [escalated] with the victim’s unfortunate stabbing over 50 times,” Garland said, before detailing how Bonola then allegedly dragged her body to the park in her son’s hockey bag.

Bonola was charged with second degree murder, criminal possession of a weapon and tampering with physical evidence.

Orsolya Gaal was slit in the throat and received more than 50 stab wounds when David Bonola killed her, according to the Queens District Attorney.
Facebook/Orsolya Gaal

He was remanded in custody without bail during the court hearing.

The suspected killer wore his hair in a tight ponytail with black jeans, a blue button-up shirt and black slip-on sneakers. He had a Spanish interpreter and did not say a word during the court proceedings.

Judge Anthony Battisiti ordered Bonola’s detention behind bars citing his confession and the “destruction of evidence”. He received medical attention and was placed on suicide watch.

“The accused sets out in detail what happened, how it happened and what he did following the events that gave rise to this case,” Battisiti said.

Orsolya Gaal’s body was found inside the sports bag just after 8am as police found a trail of blood leading to her Juno Street home.

Bonola reportedly twice confessed Thursday to killing Gaal, 51, and hiding his body in Forest Park after a discussion of their on-and-off relationship became contentious, police and prosecutors said.

Investigators recovered a bloodied jacket belonging to Bonola and bloodstained fabrics from the park, prosecutors said. Blood-soaked boots, a t-shirt and bandages were also found at the scene of the murder, police said.

Bonola public defender David Strachan said Thursday night that his client will seek bail at a later date.

Bonola was due back in court on April 26. He faces 25 years to life in prison if convicted.

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