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Rangers’ Charlie McAvoy and his sister Kayla share a pre-game moment



“I’m just overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude.”

Charlie McAvoy is a proud brother. Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

There are two McAvoys who are making a name for themselves in the NHL: Charlie, a catalyst for the Bruins, and his older sister Kayla, a trainee for the New York Rangers.

Kayla, a temporary associate in the strength and conditioning department, was lucky enough to make it to the team’s two games against her older brother.

They shared a pre-game moment on Saturday, throwing punches ahead of the Bruins’ 3-1 victory.

In November, Kayla McAvoy shared on Instagram that rooting for the Bruins was initially an easy decision when her brother joined the team. Once she joined Rangers, the team she grew up with, the choice became much more difficult.

“Now the answer to that question isn’t so easy anymore,” Kayla wrote. “I guess the correct answer would be both?” But regardless of the score, I love my brother and I love my job, and I wouldn’t trade this crazy, exciting trip for anything in the world.

When their meeting on Saturday went viral, Kayla shared on her Instagram Story that her “head is still spinning.” She thanked everyone for the kind words and encouragement and said she was “overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude.”

“To all the girls and women who work or want to work in sports, never let anyone try to discredit your passion and hard work because of your gender, your last name or anything else,” he said. -she writes. “Focus on where it counts and do your best every day. You deserve to be where you are and you can achieve whatever you want. Now back to business.


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