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RHOBH’s Garcelle provides update on her falling out with Kyle Richards


“I’m so sad,” Garcelle said of The truth. “I feel like we got swept up in the talk show zeitgeist, all women of color. We had different ideas and I’m really sad. I only turned two. , but that being said, I love that these women got to have eight seasons of this show, which is phenomenal.”

Now Garcelle is concentrating on her role as Real Housewife. Season 12 of RHOBH hasn’t aired yet, but there’s already plenty of off-screen drama surrounding his recently released memoir. Erika, angry that Garcelle promoted the book by posting a snippet of the new season’s trailer, went so far as to film herself throwing it in the trash.

“I thought that was a shitty thing to do,” Garcelle told E! News. “A woman to another woman. But I also feel like the music video I played to promote my book was part of our story. So it’s not like I made it up.”


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