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Russian missiles hit apartment buildings in Odessa, killing 5 people


At least five civilians – including a 3-month-old baby – were killed on Saturday after Russian forces fired several cruise missiles at Odessa, Ukraine’s largest Black Sea port.

The missiles hit residential buildings, said Andriy Yermak, chief of staff to President Volodymyr Zelensky, who added that more deaths were likely.

“Nothing is sacred,” Yermak wrote on Telegram of the attack, which took place during the Eastern Orthodox observance of Holy Saturday. “Evil will be punished.”

The BBC video footage posted of thick black smoke billowing from a 14-story building following the strike as rescue workers attended to residents with head injuries.

A resident told reporters that he and his elderly mother were forced to jump out of a second-story window to escape.

At least five civilians were killed by Russian missiles fired at residential buildings in Odessa.
One of the victims was a 3 month old baby.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba condemned the attack on a city that has – so far – escaped the worst of Russia’s continued assault on Ukraine.

“The sole purpose of Russian missile strikes on Odessa is terror,” Kuleba said. posted on Twitter. “Russia must be designated as a state sponsor of terrorism… We need a wall between civilization and barbarians hitting peaceful cities with missiles.

Odessa Strike
The attack may suggest Russia is after Moldova, Ukraine has warned.

The strike on the crucial port city gave credence to Zelensky’s warning that Putin has his sights set on Moldova, the Soviet breakaway state just west of Odessa.

“We are on the front line. And who will come next? Zelensky asked Friday in his evening speech.

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