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Sasha Obama is dating Clifton Powell Jr. amid dating rumors


Romance is in the air for Sasha Obama!

After his mother, former first lady michelle obamarevealed that the 20-year-old is in a relationship, Sasha was seen dating Clifton Powell Jr. in West Hollywood on April 19. Wearing a pink and purple top with a lilac colored ruffled skirt, Sasha was spotted walking alongside the writer-director, who is the son of Ray actor Clifton Powell.

A witness told E! News that the couple seemed “much loved”, describing them as “inseparable” and “always laughing” during the outing, which included a visit to friends in the neighborhood.

The viewer added, “He seemed protective of her.”

Sasha isn’t the only one in her family who feels lucky in love. According to Michelle, she and the former president barack obamathe 23 year old girl, malia obamais in a relationship of its own.

“Now they have boyfriends and real lives,” Michelle said of her two adult daughters during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show earlier in April. “They grew up before our eyes and they are doing well.”


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