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See Gigi Hadid ask BFF Blake Lively to serve on her 27th birthday


Blake Lively is an actress, director, business owner and now… potential bartender for Gigi Hadidthe birthday of ?

Perhaps! the Gossip Girl The 34-year-old actress appeared to be auditioning for a new role as a bartender on April 21, when she posted a new ad for her non-alcoholic mixer brand, Betty Buzz, on Instagram. In the clip, Blake pours one of her fizzy drinks and comments on her bubbly nature as a bubble machine roars behind her.

It turns out the video caught the eye of one particular model who is about to celebrate her 27th birthday on April 23. In the comments to the Instagram post, Gigi wrote, “Hi, what’s your rate for 3 hours of bartending on the 4 day weekend.”

She added, “Nothing hits like a mixed by B.”

Although Blake has yet to respond to the job offer, it’s very likely that she would attend Gigi’s birthday party even if she wasn’t the hired help. After all, the couple have been best friends for years and always take a moment to celebrate.


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