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Steps To Check & Renew Car Insurance Online in 2022?


Driving an uninsured vehicle on Indian roads can attract legal penalties and fines. The Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 instructs you to insure your two or four-wheeler with a basic third-party insurance plan to avoid making such legal infringements. Whether you opt for a comprehensive or third-party car insurance policy, you must renew the plan within its pre-given expiry date to prevent lapses in coverage. In the past, you had to visit the brick-and-mortar offices of your insurance provider to renew your vehicle’s insurance policy. However, you can now digitally renew a car insurance policy on their online portals.

Ways to check the policy expiry date online

As mentioned earlier, access to the internet has made checking the expiry date of your car insurance policy simple and convenient. You can check the expiry date of your comprehensive or third-party car insurance policy through the following portals:

  1. Through VAHAN
  2. Through the Insurance Information Bureau
  3. Through your insurance provider’s website

You’ll have to follow a series of steps when accessing these platforms to check the expiry date of your vehicle’s insurance policy.

  1. Through VAHAN

Under the supervision and management of the Ministry of Road and Transport, the VAHAN website serves as a comprehensive database for information regarding bike and car insurance policies. Follow the below-mentioned steps to check the expiry date of your third-party car insurance plan on the VAHAN website.

  • Visit the VAHAAN website
  • Click on the ‘Know your Details’ option on the Menu tab
  • Fill in your vehicle’s registration number and other relevant details on the next page
  • Click on the ‘Search Vehicle’ option to see the details of your vehicle
  • Look at the ‘Insurance Upto’ column to review the exact expiry date for the policy
  1. Through the Insurance Information Bureau (IIB)

You can use the IIB portal to review expiry dates for comprehensive and third-party car insurance plans bought after 1st April 2020. Follow the below-mentioned steps to do so.

  • Visit the IIB website
  • On the homepage, click on the ‘V Seva’ quick link
  • A new window with the online form shall open
  • Fill in the details elicited by the form
  • Enter the displayed captcha and click on ‘Submit’ to view the details of your policy
  1. Through your insurance provider’s website

It is the most popular one among policyholders because it allows you to check the expiry date of your vehicle and renew the car insurance plans, all in one go! You have to visit your insurance provider’s website, log in to your account, and verify your policy’s coverage details. For instance, the Bajaj Finance Limited portal allows policyholders to check the expiry date of their insurance plans and instantaneously renew their policies in minutes.

Renewing car insurance plans during the break-in period

Although renewing car insurance policies is quite simple, many policyholders fail to do so within the stated expiry dates of such policies. Thus, insurance companies provide their policyholders with a break-in period. It has a grace period that starts from the day the car insurance policy expires. Any car insurance policy you renew during the break-in period must undergo a mandatory inspection by the insurer.

What happens if you fail to renew a vehicular insurance policy after the break-in period?

If you still somehow miss the renewal window, you will have to start from scratch to reactivate your protection cover. Since the policy lapses after the initial 90 days, you will be required to purchase a new policy and go through a fresh round of inspection to determine the IDV of your car. This policy will not be a continuation of the previous coverage. Thus, all NCB benefits you accumulated from the last third-party car insurance policy stand lost.

Why do you need to check and renew your vehicle’s insurance policy?

Without its protective coverage umbrella, you risk driving if you miss your comprehensive or third-party car insurance policy’s stated renewal date. Missing car insurance renewal deadlines can cost you in the multiple ways, including:

  • If there’s an accident during this lapse period, the financial burden of compensations and repair payments must be borne by you
  • Driving with an inactive insurance policy is a criminal offense in India that can lead to 3 months of imprisonment and/or cost you fines of up to Rs. 2,000
  • Failure to renew car insurance policies on time can cost you your cumulative NCB benefits

Knowing the expiry date of your comprehensive or third-party car insurance plan is vital if you wish to continue enjoying its protective coverage without any lapses. If you’re unsure about the expiry date of your current policy, you can visit the VAHAN or IIB website to review the details of your car insurance plan. Alternatively, you can also log in to your insurer’s website to check the expiry date and renew the policy in one go. Renewing car insurance policies on time accords policyholders with certain benefits like continued financial and legal protection, accumulated NCB discounts on premiums, etc. While a 90-day grace period is given to policyholders to renew their expired policies, failing to do so would require them to purchase an entirely new motor insurance plan and start from scratch.

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