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Ted Cruz mocked Republicans sucking Trump and people’s irony counters skyrocketed


“Just once, I’d like to see a Republican candidate stand up in a primary and say, ‘I’m a moderate establishment squish. I represent absolutely nothing. It would at least be refreshing and honest. But no one is saying that,” Cruz said at a campaign event for GOP Pennsylvania Senate nominee David McCormick this week. Trump endorsed McCormick’s rival in the primary race, Mehmet Oz.

“And by the way, they all pledge their love to Donald Trump,” he continued. “‘I love Donald Trump’, ‘No, no. I love Donald Trump more. ‘No no No. I have Donald Trump tattooed on my behind.

A man in the audience shouted, “Let’s see this.

“I like you, but not that much,” Cruz replied in a video shared by The Recount.

Twitter users reminded Cruz that he bowed to Trump, even after the former president insulted the Texas Republican’s wife and spread conspiracy theories about his father.


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