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The father returns 4 months to his children after having hidden them from his mother


CHICAGO (CBS) – Four children last seen in January hidden from their mother, by their fatherhave been located.

Nathaniel Barajas, 2, Jazmyne Barajas, 4, Destiny Barajas, 11, and Breneah Barajas, 13, were last seen on January 14 with their father – Brian Barajas, 38, who knowingly hid his children to their mother.

Nathanael Barajas

chicago police

Nathanael Barajas

chicago police

Fate Barajas

chicago police

Breneah Barajas

chicago police

A warrant was issued by Cook County for child abduction on Wednesday. No Amber Alert had been issued.

Police said he had deliberately hidden his four children from his ex-girlfriend, their mother, since January 14.

The four children were returned safe and sound by the father, according to the police.


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