Saturday, February 4, 2023
HomeNewsThe first ship with Ukrainian grain arrived in Turechchini

The first ship with Ukrainian grain arrived in Turechchini



The Ministry of Defense of Turechchyna at the second evening confirmed the arrival of the RAZONI grain-carrier with Ukrainian lands – the first ship, as if it had broken in the borders of the “grain land” between Ukraine, Turechchyna, the UN and Russia. About tse povіdomlyaє “Evropejska pravda”. “Drying RAZONI, zavantazheniya kukurudzoy, vchorushiv from the Ukrainian port of Odesa, reached the entrance to the Black Sea from the channels of the Bosporus and became anchor at the appointed place of arrival,” – go to the information of the Ministry of Defense of Turechchini. Dun Ukrayna’nIn


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