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They’ll never bully me into silence


Appearing on Fox News on Tuesday Tucker Carlson tonightthe creator of popular social media account ‘Libs Of TikTok’ said she wouldn’t be intimidated after being ‘doxxed’ in a Washington Post report.

TUCKER-CARLSON: Why do you think the German government wanted to shut down your Twitter feed?

LIBS FROM TIKTOK: I think what I’m doing is very effective, and I think a lot of people wanted to shut me up. They wanted to intimidate me into silence. And unfortunately for them, that will never happen.

CARLSON: I’m glad you’re not intimidated. Were you surprised by Taylor Lorenz, who complained bitterly when we used her name on air several months ago and moaned and cried on TV because she had PTSD because people were criticizing online, were you surprised that it was her who came to you personally and tried to destroy your life?

LIBS FROM TIKTOK: Yeah, I thought that was really humorous. The fact that it’s Taylor Lorenz, who is a known hypocrite and known to doxes, the fact that he’s here to do all of this is also why people rallied around and supported me.


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