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This tiny island nation proves the West only believes in its own ‘spheres of influence’


Australia and US say Solomon Islands should not be allowed to partner with China, showing selective respect for self-determination

Russia is bad. There is no excuse for attacking Ukraine, and the argument that it was a strategic imperative to stop NATO encroachment is just propaganda, isn’t it? That’s what all mainstream media sources will tell you. But curiously, this logic never seems to apply when Western countries perceive rival states encroaching on their own peripheries, and there has been no greater example of this than the way the American and Australian political classes reacted to the now signed “Bilateral Security Agreement” between China and the Solomon Islands, a small archipelago that exists not far from Papua New Guinea.

The agreement was confirmed this week, although Australia and the United States have increased official visits to try to stop it. This was combined with a media narrative of extreme paranoia claiming, without sufficient evidence, that China is about to build a naval base on the islands and in turn poses a direct military threat to Australia. It produced hysterical comments, with one founder of The Diplomat Magazine even literally calling for bombings and regime change in the island nation.

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Australian PM explains refusal to meet Chinese envoy

It seems odd that the same countries that have said Ukraine has the right to ‘choose’ its allies, or in other words self-determination, don’t seem to apply that logic to countries that choose to switch over to rival states perceived, and there are plenty of historical examples to back it up. The consensus is, whether expressed in moderate or explicit terms, that more needs to be done to “remove” China’s influence from the Solomon Islands, assuming that only the United States and its allies act in the real interests of the State and its persons. It’s as if there’s no understanding of why the Solomon Islands might not consent to being under the hegemony of Australia and the United States, and why they’re obviously going to prefer a strategy of “coverage” to maximize political space and opportunity for himself, rather than being forced to choose a side exclusively. This is demonstrative of the elitist state of mind that dominates these countries.

Butter wouldn’t melt in Australia’s mouth. Canberra presents itself as a benevolent and exceptional country that only serves the best interests of Pacific island nations, not the American empire. In reality, it is a de facto presumption that he has the right to permanently dominate these countries and shape their politics. At no time does it understand that as a colonial state, which for most of its existence adopted openly racist policies against non-whites and decimated its indigenous population, why the Pacific island nations cannot -be not really be under their control. “benevolent hug” after all. On the contrary, Canberra is lost in the discourse of its own long-standing ‘Yellow Peril’ inherited racism regarding China, its obsession with following US policy at all costs, and in turn projects this as a way of protecting these islands. , calling China a threat to the region and himself as the hero.

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Australia accuses China of ‘intimidation’

But again, countries like the Solomon Islands have no reason to see it that way. Being very small in size and population, they are highly vulnerable to outside political interference and compromise their national sovereignty. Take, for example, the island of Nauru. Because its economy has collapsed with the depletion of its mineral resources, it has become a de facto Australian client state that is forced to use its currency and take in illegal immigrants turned away by Australia. Therefore, we understand why other island countries would like to preserve themselves by seeking multiple economic and political partners.

Australia therefore does not understand why the Solomon Islands, a former non-white British protectorate (the British Queen is, to this day, also the Queen of the Solomon Islands, by the way), might not want to be completely dominated by Canberra, and by extension, the United States. That’s why dozens and dozens of US and Australian officials visiting the island and mounting diplomatic pressure have been unable to change the islands’ government’s mind. The sense of Anglophone exceptionalism became a self-asserting feedback loop to the point that they completely lost touch with other countries. The same principle applies to the insincere concern of the Western powers for Ukraine and their hypocrisy in believing that they alone have the right to “spheres of influence” and that they must have an infinite right to encircle rival countries without any right of reply. Russia’s narrative of the threat emanating from Ukraine is merely ‘propaganda’, we are told, but China’s conclusion of an ambiguous deal with a small island nation of around 700,000 people is in somehow seen as an imminent and growing threat to Australia itself. Isn’t it time we started questioning this narrative?


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