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Top Tips to a Better Night’s Sleep


The quality of your rest through the night has a large impact on your day-to-day life. Putting in place a number of healthy sleeping habits can make one feel more refreshed, alive and happy. These habits require no real effort or research yet can make a significant difference. Here, we list the top tips on how to sleep better from Savvy Sleeper.

Make sure to go to bed at the same time

A routine is imperative to ensuring that your sleep is effective and promotes your health and wellbeing. Going to bed at the same time every night helps cement this routine and allows for quality sleep.

Work out your optimum time asleep

Sleeping for different amounts of time every night can disrupt your sleep-wake cycle. After setting a time to go to bed every night, you can then determine the amount of time that your body naturally needs to be refreshed. This can vary from person to person but is generally between 7-10 hours per night. Letting yourself sleep naturally for 2 weeks should start to show your optimal sleep length.

Use Weighted Blankets

If you are dealing with stress and anxiety, a weighted blanket can really help you. It provides a warm and gentle pressure on your body which makes you feel like you’re being held. This way it help you release the stress and ease anxiety. If you’re not able to sleep because of anxiety, a weighted blanket can really help.

No consumption of caffeine

Coffee and tea are loved by billions of people across the globe; however, they should never be drunk before bedtime. Caffeine stimulates the body and can stop you from falling asleep. Caffeine consumption should stop at least 5 hours before bedtime.

Reduce blue light exposure

The blue lights given off by the screens of modern electronic devices confuse your brain as they mimic natural daytime light. This makes your body feel more awake as it is tricked into thinking it is earlier in the day. Electronic devices shouldn’t be used in the runup to bedtime, switching off 30 minutes prior should be sufficient but longer is optimal.

Set your room temperature

At night time, your bedroom should be lower in temperature to enable the natural drop in temperature that your body goes through when falling asleep. This will allow you to sleep through the night.


There is a plethora of research that supports the fact that regular exercise helps sleep. It can help you to stay asleep for longer and fall asleep quicker once in bed.

Don’t nap excessively

Napping too much can hinder your sleep schedule as you start to gain too much sleep outside of those set hours. To combat this, ensure that naps are no longer than 30 minutes and are 5 hours before bedtime. This will stop your body from entering deep sleep and allow you to be tired and ready for sleep at your normal time.

These 8 tips will help you to form your own routine that will transform your sleep. Implementing these tips will not only help you to sleep longer, but also fall asleep quicker and wake up more refreshed and happy.

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