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“We’ll see what happens but all the pressure coming from all angles, I doubt they’ll push it away”


Draymond Green was shocked by the Brooklyn Nets’ decision to bring Ben Simmons back in a series in which they lost 2-0. On Green’s podcast “The Draymond Green Show”, he said:

“I’m a little worried about Ben Simmons coming back. I mean, we’ll see what happens, but all the pressure coming from all angles, I doubt they’ll push it back, but it’s something to watch.

All signs point to Simmons being available for Game 4 of their first-round series against the Boston Celtics. Simmons has yet to play a game with the Nets, and Draymond Green worries about the decision to bring him back so late.

Barring a setback, Brooklyn’s Ben Simmons plans to play in Game 4 on Monday against the Boston Celtics, sources have told ESPN.

The Nets have hinted at Simmons returning to the field since being traded to the team. However, a back injury continued to prevent him from entering.

It seems odd that the Nets are trying to rush Simmons, especially with his history of falling out with team management.

Green is correct that Simmons’ return could mess up the Nets’ chemistry, making an already tough streak more complicated.

Can Ben Simmons come back and save the Brooklyn Nets?

Brooklyn Nets Simmons on the bench.

People have really forgotten how good Ben Simmons is…

Against the Celtics, the Nets needed a player like Simmons, with both games going to the wire. Celtics All-Star Jayson Tatum and borderline All-Star Jaylen Brown caused problems for the Nets defense. Having another talented perimeter defender would be extremely helpful.

Simmons also proved to be an elite creator who could allow Durant and Irving to work off the ball. Above all, this requires an alchemy between the three.

Having Simmons in this series could overturn the Nets’ 2-0 deficit. However, it could also go very wrong. Simmons’ defense and play may not be enough to outweigh the drawbacks of such an abrupt start to the season without any prior chemistry.

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