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What Happens To The Driver And Car After A Crash In F1?


What Happens To The Driver And Car After A Crash In F1?: Suppose you are a Formula 1 driver and you have just crashed your car during the race. Do you know what happens next? and what happens to the car and how the driver and vehicle are checked over? There is a lot of speculation about these questions. If you are a racing fan and watch F1 races then you have seen numerous times the crash of a car, the crash could be of low damage or high damage. But what are the procedures and how the marshal checks the damage to the car? In this article, we will make you educated on this topic so be sticky with this article and take a look at all the sections of this article. To fetch the information kindly swipe down the page and start reading. Follow More Update OnĀ AVDuke News

What Happens To The Driver And Car After A Crash In F1?

If a driver crashed the car a long way from the pits then how does the driver get back to the pits moreover, what happens to the vehicle? When a crash takes place in an F1 race then it is mandatory to check the driver first before the car and ask him if he is ok or not. If the driver replied affirmatively then the driver will easily take out of the car by the FIA doctor or the marshals. But what if the crash registers more than 15g?

If the crash sustains more than 15g damage then the driver will be directly taken to the hospital for a routine check-up or for an X-ray checkup. Likewise, when Max Verstappen crashed his car in 2021 with 51g at Silverstone was straight taken to the medical center while Romain Grosjean who faced a fierce accident in 2020 at Bahrain Grand Prix was airlifted to hospital. But if the driver crashed his car at a relatively low speed then marshals will simply wait for him until he drives back to the pits. Then they will observe how much damage has been sustained by the car.

But if the car can not be driven further after the accident then marshals will just take the car behind a barrier and wait there until the race end. But if the crash is severe and the season is red-flagged then a crane will be called onto the circuit and it will remove the crashed car and load the crashed car on a low-loader and take it back to the pits. Stay tuned to this page for more information.

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