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Whitby Abbey seeks vampires to break world record in honor of Dracula’s 125th birthday


Located in North Yorkshire, UK, the ruins of Whitby Abbey consist of a monastery built in the 600s that later became a 13th century Benedictine abbey.

The novel’s author, Bram Stoker, visited the site in 1890. He even took his villain’s name from a book he read at the public library about Vlad Tepes – better known as Vlad the Impaler – when he visited, according to English Heritage, a non-profit organization that manages the ruins. The Abbey is featured throughout “Dracula”.

On May 26, the abbey will attempt to break the world record for the largest gathering of people dressed as vampires. The record is currently held by Ed Kuhlmann, who staged 1,039 attendees dressed as vampires in Virginia in 2011, according to Guinness.

Entrance to the abbey will be free for anyone wearing “a traditional vampire costume” and taking part in the record attempt, according to English Heritage.

This means you’ll need to wear black pants or a black dress, black shoes, vest, shirt, and a black cape or collared overcoat if you hope to gain free entry and help break the record. And, of course, don’t forget your fangs.

The event will also feature live local music, food and drink, and a performance of excerpts from “Dracula” by a theater troupe.


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