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Why Adele might be secretly staring at your Instagram account right now


Hello from the other side / I had to DM a thousand times.

Adele probably not Ricky Thompson that a lot, but she reached out to him, the influencer revealed in the new episode of E!’s exclusive video series. Down in the DMs.

The only problem? Rickey doesn’t know what Adele said.

As Rickey explained, he shared dinner with the singer. This is where Adele revealed she DMed it through “her private account,” Rickey said. “But I wouldn’t know because it’s not her!”

“It was the craziest thing ever,” he added.

the In the DMs the madness didn’t stop there, however. As part of the special Coachella-themed episode, E! News has also been heard from Bachelor Nation’s Hannah Godwinmodel Chanel Imanstylist E.J. Kingactress Inanna Sarkis and other stars partying at Revolve Festival. This included Bobby Lytewho delivered what was perhaps the most candid confession of all.


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