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Why Video Performs Better On Social Media


The video has gone viral! If this happened on your social media, celebrate! Maybe you will be the newest on the internet. No one doubts the power of videos on social media. This type of media is one of the ones that most convert followers and generate engagement on the main networks. But why does this happen? Much for the ease of absorbing content and flirting with entertainment.

In recent years, we have seen the evolution of social networks such as Facebook and Instagram in the sense of increasingly valuing the original video productions of their users. So much so that Instagram innovated by creating Stories, copied by Facebook, which in turn has Facebook Watch. Not to mention the pioneering spirit of Youtube, which opened the door to video content on the web.

Another factor that helped boost the popularity and presence of videos on social media was the ease of making one. In other words, anyone with a basic smartphone in their hands can shoot, edit and post a short video on their profile. That is, it is very easy to make videos!

Even experts in this area have stated several times that videos will be the future of social networks. That future is already present, with the rise of networks like Tik Tok, for example, completely based on their users’ audiovisual content.

The success of the videos moves even the job market, with specific vacancies for the area. Want to know more about why videos convert? 

Videos are the essence of social media

Not long ago, videos were considered complementary content to texts and photos on social networks. That’s because the production was a little more complicated, in addition to the size of the files, and the quality of the footage, among other factors. However, that balance has completely shifted to the side of videos, and today they are essential for social networks.

To give you an idea, according to Forbes, in a 2018 survey, more than 500 million people watch videos on the internet every day.

Video content has greater user appeal than other content, attracts more audience attention, and drives more engagement and conversion.

This is because, in the first place, there is a sensory and cognitive factor: the video works with the vision and hearing of internet users at the same time. This level of exposure makes for a much more engaging user experience.

Below, we will list other factors that make social media videos convert more.

Adaptation to mobile devices

A differential feature of videos is the power to adapt to any screen format on mobile devices, whether tablets or smartphones. In other words, no matter the format or type of social network, the content will be available there with the same quality.

That is, this type of media follows the trend of the growing use of mobile devices by people.

Information speed

Videos for social media are essentially short-lived. In this sense, it is the same logic as texts: no one has much patience to read text, with small exceptions. For this reason, videos longer than a minute on social media are already considered an eternity.

There are even advertising agencies that run campaigns for big brands where the videos don’t last longer than six seconds. This time is based on studies of user behavior and the time they usually watch each video on the networks.

In addition, it should be noted that videos have a striking visual appeal and therefore attract more attention than just text or an isolated image. Therefore, the conversion capacity is also higher.

Videos as a sales strategy

For those who sell products and services and are committed to communication on social networks, videos are a powerful resource. To give you an idea, a survey promoted by Invodo concluded that almost 60% of consumers buy a product only after watching a video about its operation or evaluation. Videos on companies’ social networks can increase sales by up to 40%. It is a very significant number.

The Rise of Tik Tok

Due to the ease of videos on social networks to convert, large companies in the area are already exploring this potential. A great example is TikTok, a social network created in 2017 based solely on the production and sharing of short home videos, of a maximum of 15 seconds, by its followers.

According to data from SensorTower, the predominant audience for this social network is young people. About 41% of users are between 16 and 24 years old. There are many tools or Video Maker websites available that can help you to create videos in a few minutes with pre-made templates. 

Unlike Instagram, on Tik Tok, the content is shared with all users. That is, not just for the profile followers or likes. Thus, the chances of the content going viral are greater. At the same time, too, that competition is also greater.

In short, the rise of TikTok is closely watched by other social networks such as Instagram and Facebook. So much so that some resources are practically copied between one network and another.

Have a good plan at your disposal to watch videos on social networks

To have a hassle-free experience with videos on social networks, a good internet plan helps a lot. With the videos, the recommendation is to be careful when choosing the Internet plan. This will make a difference in the download speed of the content and also in the video viewing quality. Unlike text and images, videos are usually a little heavier and demand more from your internet.

Still, there are many video formats. The top definition, for example, is 4K, used on some video streaming platforms.


Overall, these are the steps that are required to stand out differently in the market. Your social media campaign is empty without videos. In this era of the Internet, videos are quite important and anyone can make simple videos to make the audience aware of the product you are selling.   

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